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[A] [H]eart [R]eborn---- Out of Character
26th-Apr-2007 12:38 am - ZOMG I LIEV?

Ienzo- He's in... uhm. Halloweentown I believe. 8D;
Rufus- Helicoptererer
Marina- Also Helicopterer.
Demyx- Wutai; dropping.
Vincent- I think he's in Edge. Don't quote me on that. I lied, he's in Beast's Castle, still attempting to whisk Lucrecia awayyyyyy.

Sloth- Chillin like a villain.

15th-Apr-2007 09:38 pm - :"O Finally~~

See? See? I did it, Steph~ <3

Aerith: Edge~
Reeve: Edge with Quistis :"3 N'aww...
Will: In Wutai, confused.
Lucrecia: still waiting for Vincent in Beast's Castle xD
Elena: Pride Lands? With Ruffles. I dunno what these turks are doing anymore x_x
Kairi: in Balamb Garden, heading to Wutai with Seifer

O_O I think that's everybody...

14th-Apr-2007 09:05 pm - Finally saw this. >3>;;
Uhmmm... I got around to this, finally? :D;;? No more prodding Lizabeth, yay~~~<3

Raile: Wutai, flailing after Hart
Cloud: Edge, by the Meteor statue
Arson: Uhhhh... no where. >3>;;;

If I forgot someone, please remind me. o.o;; I haven't actually posted in long times, so uh, I don't remember. 8D;
11th-Apr-2007 11:41 pm - HEY LIFE <3
Bad ass
Hey hey~ AHR people get your ass online and post dammit! <3

Marly~: In Uh..Edge. Ya. Edge.

Sephiroth: Heading towards Edge. His next post will be there. <33

I will post soon, and I'll begin plotting with my character's respective others. >D
11th-Apr-2007 10:32 am - Miwa-chan, reporting for duty
Location of characters:
Yuffie: Is in Wutai, totally confused.  Will not drop.
Seifer: Is on his way to meet Roxas and Sora.  Definetly will not drop
Selphie: Balamb.  Dropped, so she's open for apps
Quistis: Edge.  Will not drop.
Paine:  Halloweentown.  May drop, depending on Xandrei's actions.  If Zexion gets the boot, she probably will too.  Until then, she's just floating around until there's something for her to do.
Larxene: Edge, waiting on Marluxia.  Will not drop, at least not now.
Ultimecia: Under my bed.  I'm keeping her because she's eeeviiiil and awesome, even though I don't know what to do with her now.

For the record, Selphie is dropped, Paine may be dropped depending on Xandrei's actions, I don't know what to do with Ultie, and there may be another character coming from me in the future....:D
10th-Apr-2007 07:12 pm - Order in the courts!
RUNAWAY; i am finally free
Skwinks here again providing order for all! 8D

As of the moment, AHR is jumbled and uhh... disarray to say the least. For my mind, the other mods, and all the players, I need everyone to post where your characters are currently. If you plan on doing something in the VERY near future, please announce that as well.

Roxas; Wutai - Possibly heading to Edge?
Reno; Pride Lands - Heading to Edge
Leon; Balamb Garden - Dropped

On a personal note and for all you players involved with the Turks, I can't exactly find a smooth transition to pull Reno out yet... so he's sticking around for the time being. (Luckily his muse is still around. Somewhere.)

Anyway. Enough with my rambling. If everyone could post these descriptions, that'll be great. Please spread the news to the other players because I am well aware that not everyone keeps an eye on this community.

Hopefully with this, we can get activity in the next couple of days!

~ Skwinky
4th-Apr-2007 09:21 pm - ALRIGHTY.
Dilios = &lt;3
So haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay guys.

I know it's been like... months now (right?) since AHR has seen life. BUT THAT WILL BE NO LONGER. Over the course of the next week or so, I (and hopefully the other mods xD) will be posting like fiends.

There will also be a little bit of refreshing? At least on my part~ Due to life going "gndfkjgndfkjgnfk", I will be dropping both Leon and Reno. Roxas will be sticking around 'cause he's a little essential (and extra cute).

If anyone else would like to follow the suit of dropping a character, etc blah blah, please post here. <3

~ Skwinky
17th-Mar-2007 05:11 pm - HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY!!!
...Yeah, what the title says. LOL

BTW, would Ms. Skwinky, Xandrei, Actor, or anyone in charge of AHR character apps please contact me through Gaia PM or AIM soon-ish?  I have a question....
1st-Mar-2007 01:07 pm - Tagging update
Okay kiddies, during my massive break between classes today, I decided to totally procrastinate on doing work and go on AHRMB to read early posts.  But guess what?  Some of our first posts weren't tagged!!  I guess Kana and I missed them when we were doing mad tagging in December.  Sooooooo, I went in and tagged all the early posts that didn't have tags on them yet.  If you come across any entries that don't have tags, either let me know or tag them yourself (It's super easy, trust me!!  All you have to do is click edit tags and type in the name of each character in the post, separated by commas, and click save changes.  Easy, neh?)
27th-Feb-2007 11:10 pm - Not-Haitus!
So heeeeeeeeeeey guys. :3

I'm sure the many people I have been threading with have notice a lack of uhh... me. Lately, life has been taking a toll. I have a job now and the dance season is starting to really pick up. School is also laying down all the work and I have a few other personal situations I have to deal with from time to time.


Here's a heads up and future apology for REAAAAAAAL slowness. But I still live! I promise!

~ Skwinky
(Roxas, Leon, Reno-mun/mod)
25th-Jan-2007 03:46 pm - Hiatus
Hey guys. Sorry to be a stick in the mud but I'll be on hiatus until February 5th. I've got finals and life swooping on in and won't have the time to post decently. I'll try to make the occasional post so no one is waiting but don't expect too much. o.o;

Birthday birthday birthday~ :3

See you guys then!
18th-Jan-2007 11:02 am - It's that time again.
I deeply apologize to everyone, but I will be leaving Friday morning for a trip to Georgia and won't be back until Monday.  I won't have time to get on-line to post on Gaia, and I'm sorry if my absence will hold up any posts.  I'm fairly sure my characters are up-to-date in their respective threads, but if not, here are their positions:
Yuffie: is recovering from the head trauma I gave her to explain where she was during the whole Sephiroth incident/my changing residences and not being on-line.
Seifer: Is pulling a Rufus and is being pushed around in a wheelchair after Ultimecia's magical shanking.  (If anyone wants to help with his recovery, be my guest)
Selphie: Running around Balamb like a chicken with its head cut off
Quistis: Waiting for Reeve's reply in Edge.
Paine: Waiting for her emo bf to show up in Halloween Town
Larxene: Waiting for Marluxia to show up and the opportune moment for some bitchiness.
Ultimecia: Raising Hell in Balamb. 

If there is anything required from my characters before I leave, let me know ASAP so I can work on it.  Also, for those involved with FF:A (a lot of you), I'll also try to fix some plot holes that erupted with people suddenly leaving. 

I love you all mad amounts!!!  Hopefully, I'll be back with awesome stories about how my school dominated the Georgia Tech Tournament!!!

Until then, much love:
14th-Jan-2007 06:26 pm - Hate Me if You Want
So I hate to do this, since FFIX is something close to my heart and etc etc.


I have to drop Zidane. He got left in the lurch with the loss of Tidus, and I just don't have the energy or time to put a lot of effort into maneuvering him into a position where he can go somewhere. And frankly, he wasn't exactly being plot-relevant even when he WAS active.

Xeryim and Riku are still going, and at the moment semi-active, since both are sortof waiting for the next arc to fully take off.

Love to you all, and good luck with school restarting, to those who are already back or soon will be back in school.

31st-Dec-2006 02:16 pm - Reminder~
lol surprise
Reminder to all it may concern, the activity check ends today. I suggest leaving us a memo or something stating how life is, blah blah blah, etc etc.

Also, because as the other mods may know, I go crazy OCD when it comes to the neatness of the game. (I'm catching up on my work. Believe me. >.<) So this stated, if you complete a thread on the Gaia forum, notify one of the mods so they can lock and fully complete the thread. Sometimes we don't know which threads are done and which are inactive.

Also also, I wish to clarify on the new openings on characters. The recently dropped characters (Saix, Xigbar, Xemnas, Irvine, Tidus, and Baralai) are now open to anyone who wishes to apply for them. Quick note to those who wish to app as the Organization characters! In a nutshell, Vivax got pissed and has sent Saix, Xigbar, and Xemnas to who knows where and wiped their memories. That means whoever picks up these characters will start from square one of no memories. (Remember those?) If you have questions, go ahead and taaaaalk to me. (If you really want to know, Mods LOVE it when people ask questions. It shows that everyone actually cares instead of flailing about without a clue. Woo!)

Okay. I'm done talking/typing at you lovely people.

25th-Dec-2006 11:12 pm - CALLING QINGFISH


That is all.
25th-Dec-2006 08:48 pm - Have a slight issue....
Okay, so we all know that Shade and Damen left AHR.  Therefore, her and his characters have disappeared basically without a trace.  This only affects TWTNW and Bevelle.  Kana, being totally awesome like always, has explained it by saying Axel scared all the missing characters away.  So that leaves Bevelle.  The reason why I'm bringing this up is because right now I'm the only player in Bevelle, as both Paine and Selphie are there.  I don't have a flipping clue how to close the plothole there, or what to do with my characters there until the next plot-arc.  I was considering having Selphie go to Edge so Quistis can keep an eye on her (especially since I'll be introducing a new character in Balamb.....once I get the app all the way done and approved XD), but I'm brain dead on what to even think of for Paine, or to explain the sudden change.  Any help on this situation will be greatly appreciated.  :DDD

*sends love to everyone*

Merry Christmas!!
18th-Dec-2006 03:33 pm - QUESTION + REMINDER
Can everyone use tags in the AHRMB?

I've gotten a few complaints that the tagging doesn't work for them. Please let me know if they don't work for you. The mods end up settng up a list of tags then. :"O

Not everyone has joined this community!

If you know someone who hasn't joined yet, PLEASE REMIND THEM. All updates will be going here from now on :">

Sorry for the update spam, but I think it's been called for <3

Thanks bebes <3333
18th-Dec-2006 03:23 pm - ACTIVITY CHECK

Remember, activity check will last from today (12/18) and run straight through to the end of December (12/31)! Refer to the post below for the codes used and the correct responses :"D

Thanks lovelies!
15th-Dec-2006 07:24 pm - HERE GUYS HAVE SOME UPDATES

...Since AHR has moved in a very forward direction. To assuge this glaring issue, the mods have decided to start having Activity Checks. If this is a sad and frustrating thing (well, maybe you should decide that after I explain how everything works) then too bad. Inactivity went on for long enough with most not letting us know what was going on.


Activity checks work a little bit like this--

Example: Rufus Shinra; Last post here- 11/26

You would do this for ALL OF YOUR CHARACTERS.

Also, we hope that your post would not be so far back as mine.

Activity check will begin DECEMBER 18th and run for TWO WEEKS, ending DECEMBER 31st. That is alot of time, bebes. Please to be posting within those weeks. If you cannot for some very very valid reason, LET A MOD KNOW. We are human too, TRUST ME.

Note: The code for direct linking on LJ is here. Please remember this!

To get the link to gaia to SNAP DIRECTLY TO YOUR POST, you must click "edit", then "submit" and finally, when the page comes up saying "click here to go to your post", click the link it gives you... and voila! The page will snap directly to your post!



Lovelies, pleasepleaseplease start using tags in the AHRMB and on YOUR CHARACTER'S JOURNAL.

Pick one tag, such as "post by Sloth" or "post by Roxas" for the personal journal.

For any posts in the MB, just use the character's name and keep it as that tag. (ie: Don't suddenly go and change from "Vincent Valentine" to just "Vincent" or "Vincent V." it will be less confusing to just use one tag!)

Thank you!
<3 Xandrei and the mods

PS: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :"D
6th-Dec-2006 12:01 am - Just like Actor~
Okay, so I absolutely hate doing this to you guys (especially Xandrei) but it has to be done.

Recently, I have been nominated for the state's Governor's School for visual arts. While this is all well and good and could possibly make my career if I get in, I have a real crapload of work to do. I am seriously out of commission until at least December 11th but that may be extended to the 17th due to other events/due dates I gotta crack down on like shopping for one.

So, for threads:

Roxas is busy doing a SEKRIT PROSE THINGER. That'll be up some time when I return.
Leon will just hang in the shadows brooding as usual until I return, but that thread is going so slowly *coughKairicough* that I doubt it'll make a difference anyway.
Reno will simply lead Marina along to the copters and can be whisked away wherever Rufus says to be whisked. He just will be quite for once for awhile.
Shuyin ... issss still waiting on Lenne. :B


<3 Skwinky

P.S. REMINDER GUYS. Join this community rather than posting in the OOC thread on Gaia Online! This community wasn't made because the mods were bored! It's here for a reason, namely you!
5th-Dec-2006 03:15 am - Ah, Inactivity.
I'm afraid I have to claim a hiatus till further notice. I know I still need to drop Zidane into Spira or wherever it was he was supposed to go, and Riku's needing to post again to KH. I may do minor work as Xeryim, where necessary, for plot furthering, and if time constraints attack me, Riku may get one post in too, but in general, my finals are close upon me, and I'm stressed enough that I finally had to swallow my pride and ask for help about my shoulder pain. >> That's how bad it is. So by putting AHR on hold, hopefully it'll be one less thing on my mind and I'll be able to lighten up a bit.

<3333333333 I loves you all... :] *huggles*

3rd-Dec-2006 09:31 pm - Welcome to AHR: OOC!
The Mods are happy to announce that we are moving the original OOC thread to its own LJ community (as you can obviously see). The same ideas apply:

Feel free to discuss anything you feel needed to say within the RPG. Decide with other people what you would like to do or conclude a thread.

Also, tell us anything you think we need to know. Real life tends to be problematic and if you won't be on for a week or simply won't be able to post for whatever reason, just give us a heads up. This way we also know you aren't simply inactive and won't have to give your character away.

Also, if you are dropping a character, please post here. Same goes for whenever you have recently picked up a new character. Everyone needs to know!

Should there be any new players, they are also free to post here and say "Hi, I am __." and so on and so forth.

Mods will also occasionally be posting In-Game announcements and information that you MUST pay attention for.

So to wrap up, happy OOC'ing!

Skwinky & the Mods
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