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Welcome to Kingdom Hearts II: [A] [H]eart [R]eborn. This is a huge, long-term RPG for Kingdom Hearts fans who have completed the second game. As a note, this RPG will be loaded with spoilers, so if you have yet to complete the game, please return once you have done so. This way, your Kingdom Hearts life will be saved for the better. This is also an RPG for very advanced roleplayers. That means we expect you to post consistently and decently along with staying in character.

The RPG was created by Xandrei, Skwinky, and Actor. They have all rights to kick some butt if needed, but hopefully it won't come to that.

Please enjoy the RPG!

...It's really weird. I reconize places I've never been to and I know things that I have never seen... but oddly enough and more than anything... I feel whole...

Something odd has been a happening lately. People who should have never existed, have been eliminated... have returned. These people are the Nobodies. They are powerful beings that are created one a person with a strong heart loses their heart. But something is different about the Nobodies this time... they have found what they sought... they have gain what they lost: their hearts. But they are not the same people whey were before they became Nobodies as the Organization XIII planned. They are their own existance and their own being.

But gaining such a precious thing had a great and unknown cost that could not be avoided.

Their memories.

The Nobodies cannot recall anything of their past life. Everything seems to be deja vu. Things are familiar but their memory says otherwise. When Xemnas became one with Kingdom Hearts, an odd connection took place. It was this connection that was the key to the revival of the Organization XIII and few others. And it was Maleficent who tampered with this connection in her lust for power.

Kingdom Hearts released these beings back into the worlds. But what they do is unknown.

A new story will be written.

"A Heart Reborn" revolves around the aftermath of "Kingdom Hearts II". Essentially, it's the equivalent of what Chain of Memories was to Kingdom Hearts I. Maleficent has been tampering around with her magic, looking into the prospect of the ill-fated "Nobodies". Unfortunately, her tampering goes a little too far when Heartless and Nobodies combine to recreate those who had been looking to be fulfilled: Organization XIII. They awaken in Twilight Town, where KHII all started.

However, whether they decide to stay there is a different story.

What are the journals for?

As we noticed in Kingdom Hearts II, there is a great deal of technology that was dumped on all of our favorite characters. Don't you think that they would eventually start using it? And then wouldn't they start following the latest trends?

One of the most popular trends on the internet today are blogs, or online journals. In this RPG, you are required to have your character keep a journal on what happens to them. These journals will be hosted at Livejournal.com.

The Journals will all be posted in FIRST PERSON. You are your character, so you have to act like it. For your convenience as a player, all existing character journals can be added as your friend in one fell swoop here:

Just copy and paste the list into Here while logged into your character journal and wah-la! Instant friends.

The Journals will also be part of a this comminuty which will be used as a Message Board. Characters will be able to post announcements to each other, search for people, and more with this messageboard.

We also have one more feature we plan on using: the infamous AOL Instant Messenger. What you also need to do is make a screenname for your character. This way all the characters will be able to communicate with each other instantly. It could be especially useful for making plans on where to go or what to do!

So as a quick breakdown in the roleplaying views, on Gaia you will be playing in the third person and on Livejournal and AIM you will be playing in the first person!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM (on Gaia) either Xandrei or myself!

To put it bluntly, "Kingdom Hearts II: A Heart Reborn" is a hardcore RPG. It will be a long-running RPG (meaning it'll span over many months and further). There are a few rules to join and maintain... but in the end they are worth it!

How to Join
- You must fill out a Character Profile Form exactly and send it to either Xandrei or Skwinky via PM.
- You must post at least once every three to four days. I know as well as anyone (if not more) how life can get in the way sometimes but this is a very active RPG.
- You must be an advanced roleplayer. That means following the rules of the English language, staying in character, and writing interesting posts that are two or three paragraphs long if not more. No BSing your way through this.

Requirements while Roleplaying
- Maintain character! This is a realistic RPG. That means Mickey isn't going to start attacking innocents and Xemnas isn't going to hand out flowers and candy.
- Again, you must post at least once every three to four days and each post has to be a very decent size. If you fail to do so, you'll get one warning. If the problem continues, you will be banned from the RPG and your character will then be up for grabs.
- Stay on topic. Don't have your character wander around the world doing who knows what and keep up with everyone else. If all the characters have left Beast's Castle and moved on to the Colessium, so should you!
- You must must must be able to distinguish the difference between multiple characters if you play more than one.

Please note that these rules are subject to being edited if deemed necessary. It is your responsibility to check back now and again.

Character Profile Format

The following profile form must be filled out exactly in order to join the RPG. Beneath it is an elaboration on everything you need to fill out in case there is any confusion. To join, you must send it via PM to either Xandrei or Skwinky. Once you are approved, you must post this profile into your userinfo in your character’s Live Journal Account.

Taken Characters

Gaia Username: Easy enough. Simply state who you are.
LJ Username: This RPG is SO massive that it spans over two websites. We need to know your character’s LJ username so other characters can comment and interact.
Character AIM: It is very possible to have your characters chat during the RPG. This is done through AIM.
Character Name: Well, it’d be helpful to know who your playing. Please note that there will be no original characters or any other Final Fantasy/Disney characters not featured in either KHI or KHII. No exceptions
Gender: Well this is obvious. Remember, while some characters may seem rather feminine, lets keep their genders the same. C:
Age: This would be your character’s age after Kingdom Hearts II, meaning Sora and Kairi are 15 and Riku is 16. Remember that the Nobodies are much younger than they appear. For an example, Roxas is just a little over a year old, but acts/looks like a 15-year-old. Be sure to mention this.
Appearance: This needs to be an in-depth description. That means no lists! Sentences and adjectives are good! Simply describe what your character looks like and what they were. Also, the Organization members would no longer have their cloaks but normal, everyday clothes. Feel free to be creative!
Personality: This section of the profile helps a lot of people. It shows the mods that you know your character inside and out and it also helps you in the fact that you are able to super-analyze the character and perhaps come to know the character you play a little better.
Abilities/Weapons: We need to know how your character fights or if your character doesn’t fight at all. Describe what abilities a character may have or perhaps the capabilities and appearance of their weaponry. As a note, kudos to whoever picks up Zexion. I’m excited to see what you create. x3
Strengths/Weakness: Strengths and weaknesses are exactly what separate Mary Sue’s from the really awesome characters… and we all know that the characters in Kingdom Hearts are all awesome. Describe what makes your character strong but also describe what could defeat them. There is not one person without weaknesses.
History: So what is up with your character? Tell us! What happened to them that made them the way they are? Go as in-depth as possible and try to get as much detail as you can possibly fit in here. Again, this’ll help the mods see how well you know your character and help you to analyze them.
Roleplay Sample: Oh the infamous RP sample. The horrors! Well, we most certainly need to test you and see if you will be able to keep up with the level of the RPG. Prepare something nice and interesting. Also, the sample has to be you playing this character. I most certainly don’t want to see what happened to whatever OC (though I’m sure they are very nice) which it has absolutely nothing to do with this RPG. Also, you set the level for yourself with this sample. We will expect you to continue playing at the level you show us here.

Happy profile filling everyone! Don’t worry about it and take your time! Once you grind through this tough stuff it’s easy and fun from there! <3